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>> zimbabwe's opposition alleges fraud and says it will challenge robert mugabe's reelection. hello there. you are watching al jazeera, live from london. also coming up on the program, it in iran, and you president takes office with a promise to engage constructively with the rest of the world. u.s. diplomacy take center stage in egypt in an effort to resolve the political crisis. threats of rape, murder, attacks.
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againstat the fight social media's biggest menace. >> thank you for joining us. zimbabwe's long-term president has been reelected for another term. of themost two thirds vote. his victory has not gone unchallenged. the european union says it is concerned about a lack of transparency. his main rival, morgan tsvangirai, dismissed the results as fraud. -- we have this report. >> morgan tsvangirai says he is going to court to challenge the election results. he says the polls were rigged. robert mugabe's party won a two thirds majority in parliament. robert mugabe was reelected as
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president for another five years. >> what is the future of my children? what is the children of every household? what if the economic, social, political future of this country? are we sliding back to 2008? are we moving forward with new opportunities question mark that hope has been dashed. >> he wants african leaders to intervene. he also wants new elections and says his party will not participate in government institution reform from now on. there have been messages on media and state television warning people not to take to the streets. some supporters are very angry and frustrated. police on the streets of the despite the police presence, it was business as usual.
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one gets the sense that people are asking questions. >> zimbabweans are a peaceful people. they were just waiting to go and vote. the resignation of a member of the electoral commission over the results has caused more controversy. zimbabweans from all walks of life know the next two days could be difficult if no political solution is found quickly. now.e joins us said hesvangirai has dismisses the election as fraud. he has asked african leaders to intervene. how likely is that to happen? >> african leaders have said the elections were free and fair. house,iefing held at his
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he had a lot of western diplomats and journalists. we did not see any african ambassadors attending the briefing. african leaders will try to call morgan tsvangirai and urge them to accept defeat. that,r you will listen to we will only know once that happens. ishow likely do you think it that violence could escalate? >> the police are worried. they are on high alert, on the streets, they have warned people behave to themselves. a lot of supporters are disillusioned and frustrated. they feel lost. morgan tsvangirai said a lot of people in his party are in morning. they cannot figure out which way to go. >> thank you. where hassanran
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rouhani has been endorsed by ayatollah ali khameini. we have more from tehran. are two major endorsements in iranian politics. out of the people and of the supreme leader. hassan rouhani now has both. the supreme leader ayatollah ali khameini has signed off on the election results. making the cleric and former chief nuclear negotiator iran's seventh president. >> he has been tested before. he has given great service to the nation. i am sure he would like to asked god to grant him success. he has been elected by the vote of the people. >> the now former president washed as hassan rouhani publicly endorsed.
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>> i would like to give the hands of these millions of iranian people. cast ins that were these boxes. i hope i have the capacity to meet their demands. >> they hold opposite views. is a westerni educated career diplomat and an insider with more than four decades of political experience. he was a longtime ally of the late ayatollah khomeini. he has also served on iran's supreme and national security council for 24 years. after the eight years in power, hassan rouhani wants to find a new path for iran. it comes to international relations, we should take new steps in order to elevate the position of iran on the basis of our national interest and do away with
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oppressive sanctions. the horizons ahead of us are clear. with guidance from our supreme leader, these opportunities can materialize. but most of iran's senior officials watch the ceremony, including the former president. another former president was notably absent. will have toi navigate and work with hardliners. he says this is just the beginning. there is a long way to go. is, can youion ron's new president succeed in rebuilding relations with the united states -- iran's new president succeed in rebuilding relations with the united states and have the sanctions lifted? correspondent reports from washington on the u.s. debate. there has been
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little debate about iran's leadership inside the u.s. dislikes, distrusted, dismissed. as hassan rouhani takes over, some officials believe it could lead to a breakthrough in the stalled talks on iran's nuclear program. president obama had this to say. >> i think it says the iranian people want to move in a different direction. lacks the white house has been sending the message, they are open to talks -- >> the white house has been sending the message them but they are open to talks. went on netanyahu television to say that is not a good idea. congress seems to agree. the senate is expected to follow suit. >> with the election of theident hassan rouhani,
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nuclear program will not change. >> it is still an open question if president obama will sign the sanctions into law. >> we will find out in the next one to two months. so far, he has paid good lip service to it, but he has not been willing to take the risks necessary. he has not been willing to lead. >> president obama has warned, not a lot of time left to find a diplomatic solution, but a new president means for the moment, the clock could be running a little slower. u.s. deputy secretary of state william burns is in cairo to spearhead fresh diplomatic efforts aimed at resolving egypt's ongoing crisis. it is the second visit since t.memorsi was deposed he is holding talks with all
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sides and is due to meet egypt's interim foreign minister on saturday as the government calls on road testers to leave the sit in. egypt's interim government has renewed its call for supporters president mohamed morsi to end their protests and go back home. in a televised statement, the interior ministry said it would ensure their safe passage. >> the ministry is aware that many of the people wish to go home but are afraid of being pursued by the security services. those who were organized -- those who are organizing a protest. we reiterate that they will be protected. exit willful and safe allow the brotherhood to have a role in the democratic political process. this visit by william burns, it was extended by a little bit.
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he is leaving tomorrow, but what has he achieved? what is he hoping to achieve? >> he has been visiting with various officials, the interim president, the interim foreign, the vice president, and with the rsi camp.e, the pro-mo the americans say they are here to talk and find ways through this difficult period in egypt. the truth is, there is very little trust between the americans and both sides. they have both dismay and public anger at the stand the americans have taken. the army chief spoke to the washington post today and said the americans had turned their back on the egyptian people. a lot of angry rhetoric right now despite the fact the americans are always important
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players in egypt, how much influence can they yield right now given this mistrust? there are two other important visits happening next week. and lindseyn mccain graham will be visiting egypt. i am not sure what they can achieve at this point, but people are talking about how much -- they are almost like a diplomatic shield for the protest. all this talk about an imminent dispersal of the police force and the thought is if you have these senior u.s. officials in visiting, maybe that much harder to give the command to the people -- to the police to disperse these protests by force. >> it will be interesting to see what happens. you mentioned all of the sit- ins around cairo. is anyone listening to the interior ministry? is anyone leaving?
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not appear they are at all. do not forget that this is being told to them by the same that cracked down on them in the past few weeks and killed over 140 supporters in two of the bloodiest day since the uprising. there is no trust or between the and these protesters. there is also a change in discourse or rhetoric, a softening in the town of these statements. the interior ministry was talking about these protests as a threat to public security. waying about them in this gives the police legal cover to be able to disperse them using live ammunition. in these recent statements, including the one you just played for the viewers, a are talking to the protesters, trying to appeal to them. we will offer you a safe exit
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out. we do not want any egyptian blood spilled. there is a softening of town. -- of tome. -- tone. lots more to come on the program. we will report from south were up 100,000 people have fled tribal violence. where 100,000 people have fled tribal violence. began, is where it all the magna carta, the beginning of democracy and the rule of law. >> it is still rather unsettled for many of us across north america.
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we can see one area of cloud that is working its way toward the east. her area of clouds giving us some very heavy downpours. it will be more showers in this region as we head through sunday. it will join forces and push its way eastward as we head into monday. it should be a fine and dry day. new york, 25 degrees. that is 77 and fahrenheit. towards europe, we are seeing a lot of unsettled weather. we have this band of heavy downpours trying to work its way steadily towards the east. it has dragged down the temperatures a little bit, but look at the colors. chart showsure deeper red colors and that shows the are expecting the temperatures to rise once more. by the time we get to monday, paris will be back up at around
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31 degrees. there will still be more clouds and rain working its way into the northwest. degrees aming to 24 a 75 fahrenheit. it will still be very hot the southeast. -- it will still be very hot in the southeast. >> the ball boys opposition leader morgan tsvangirai says he will -- zimbabwe's opposition leader morgan tsvangirai says he electionct the results. hassan rouhani has been officially endorsed as the new iranian president i the supreme leader. is in cairo trying to lead fresh diplomatic efforts aimed at resolving egypt's ongoing crisis. tribal fighting in south sudan has forced more than 100,000 people to flee their homes.
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the people say armed men from rival clans attacked them for their connections to sudan. they say they have also been the victims of violence. peter has this exclusive report. hiding in the bushes, tens of thousands of people. they are survivors of violence. reports from survivors say they urgently need help. we hope to find them. it is only accessible by air or on foot. you and peacekeepers do what they can to help the handful of people who walk to your, but they are soldiers, not medical workers. there is little they can offer the survivors. friend.eltering with a all seven of her children were
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killed when the attackers raided her village while she was searching for firewood. -- the deadkers bodies were ladies. most of the children were not found, which probably means they were abducted. >> she is another survivor. she escaped with her children. 14 members of her extended family did not. >> i have not seen any of them. if they did, they are still hiding in the bush. i am waiting here to see if any of them come out for help. >> it is the rainy season. the roads are impossible -- impossible, countless rivers are swollen. it also means food is scarce. this weather goes a long way towards explaining why we have heard so little about this crisis. we know from the accounts of survivors that the situation is
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very serious, but it is almost impossible to move across the countryside. this crisis is taking place in the dark. this is under control of the south sudanese army. they are not the only victims. they believe they are being punished. have ayoung people perception that if they go to the government controlled areas, they might be targeted. i think that is the only issue that is stopping people from returning. >> you and peacekeepers do it u.n. can -- yo
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peacekeepers do what they can. >> interpol has announced a global security alert after recent mass prison breaks in iraq, libya, and pakistan. the agency wants to determine beingr escapees are coordinated by al qaeda. it follows a decision by the united states to close 2021 of its embassies and consulates. on friday, a global travel warning was also issued to u.s. citizens about a possible al qaeda attack. does notited states issue these sort of worldwide travel alerts very often. it is an indication of just how seriously they are viewing this thread. the chairman of the joint chiefs a staff says there is quite specific threat stream, but not specific enough that they can pinpoint where an attack will take lace. it appears to be against western
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interests -- will take place. it appears to be against western interests. it may explain why we have seen written and germany decide to close embassies in yemen temporarily. the united states decision to close more than 20 embassies in that part of the world. interpol has also issued an advisory urging vigilance around the world. it is citing specifically in number of prison breaks, nine of them in member countries including iraq and afghanistan. there is al qaeda involvement suspected in some of those. they are trying to determine if they are linked and what has happened to those people who were sprung from jail. insuicide bombers afghanistan have killed nine civilians, mostly children in a botched attack on indian consulate. carryingan has denied
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out the blast, which left the nearby mosque and houses in ruins. lebanese state media has reported that syrian fighter jets have bombed targets in the country's border with lebanon. the target was a rebel held town. intense fighting has continued in damascus. rebels say this cachet of weapons was captured on saturday from regime forces. according to activist, the raid was led by an al qaeda linked group. >> this is a missile. russian-made missiles, we do not need the west. >> the location is north of damascus. thursday, resident basher al- assad -- the president assad
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designed to show the government is firmly in control. damascus, tanks take a position in the hills. the damage is immense. rebel scramble to try to fight back, and both sides are intensifying the propaganda war, saying they are in control. signed a dealas for a new island detention center under its tough offshore asylum policy. it has become the second pacific island nation to agree to accept refugees. two weeks ago, pop and new guinea made a similar deal in exchange for foreign aid -- made a similara deal in exchange for foreign aid.
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the recall affects baby formula, sports drinks, and protein shakes. has made a very public apology to a number of women in the uk who received threats of rape and murder. they came from so-called individuals who target users with abuse. this site has been criticized for not making it easier to report such messages, something that it is vowing to change. we look at the fight against controls. >> all she wanted was to make sure british females were represented. what she was not banking on was the threats she would be raped. >> relentless, overwhelming. >> caroline successfully convinced the bank of england to put jane austen on the 10 pound bill.
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and then the tweets began. >> i started eating some abuse. -- i started getting some abuse. the first rape threat came through the day after the announcement from the bank of england. they have been coming through ever sense. >> a string of women have been abused on twitter. journalists were threatened with bomb attacks. on saturday, twitters uk boss responded, i personally apologize to the women who have experienced abuse on twitter. received isey have simply not acceptable. it is not acceptable in the real world and it is not acceptable on twitter. there is more we can and will be doing to protect our users against abuse. that is our commitment. another is a plan to rollout a report abuse button.
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there have been some arrests in these high-profile cases, but the police cannot get involved every single time. the question is how effective the police can be. the police can get involved, invest time and resources and try to catch these people. anybody, anytime, anyplace along as they have some ford of -- some form of internet , this can send a tweet whole game of digital cat and mouse is on the way once more. in almost every area of crime, the internet has changed the nature of the picture dramatically. the police cannot cope with all of the bad stuff. --have to get into that companies more involved with helping society as a whole.
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part of that will be hiring more staff to sift through abuse. twitter is vowing to do that, to. -- too.
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live from berlin, this is the journal. i'm sarah harmon. here is what is coming up on the show. iran's new president promises reforms and to get international sanctions lifted. some bubbly's election commission said it was a landslide for robert mugabe. the opposition vows to contest the ballot. -- zimbabwe's election commission said it was a landslide for robert mugabe. the opposition vows to contest the ballot.

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